2 Small English Stories For Kids


Chiku loved dinosaurs. He has so many dinosaur toys. He often wished he could have an original dinosaur as a pet. It would be lot of fun! They are best friends and they played and smiled all day.

One night, Chiku fell asleep thinking about the pet dinosaur. When Chiku wakes up the next morning, the door knocked. Isn't it? And the friendly-looking dinosaur went inside. Chiku was very happy to see the dinosaurs. He gave him a big hug! He said I would call you Dino from today.

Chiku took Dino everywhere. Everyone, meet Dino! At first, people were afraid of the dinosaurs. But they soon realized that he was sweet and sociable. Later that day, Chiku surprised Dino.
He took him to meet all his friends. He: Dino, meet my friends. Their names are Pinku and Sinu.

Dino surprised Chiku too. He took Chiku to the park where he lived
and he introduced Chiku to all his friends. Meet Tyrannosaurus! Stegosaurus! Spinosaurus! Triceratops! and Brontosaurus! All the different dinosaurs played briskly and Chiku enjoyed laughing a lot. Chiku also took photos with Dino and all the other dinosaurs.

In the evening, Chiku said ‘goodbye’ to Dino and the other dinosaurs. Chiku was very happy. He never forgot how much he enjoyed the day. He named the day 'Amazing Dinosaur Day'

The Hare And The Tortoise

There was once a tortoise that slowly crawled through a forest. A bouncing hare saw the tortoise and made fun of him by telling him that he is too fast to be beaten by the tortoise.

Angered tortoise stopped walking and said to the hare, Hae! "lets race to the mountain and see who gets there faster." The hare laughed at him and said: "you think you can beat me?" Ok fine, let's do it.

As the race started, the hare bounced away and tortoise slowly crawled.
The hare quickly went far away while the slowpoke tortoise crept and crawled with bullets of sweat dripping down.

After going some distance, the hare thought that he has come so far and the tortoise will never catch him. So he decided to take a nap. While hare slept the tortoise never stopped walking. 

Sure enough, tortoise crawled past sleepyhead hare and he crawled to the top of the hill. When the hare wakes up he quickly ran towards the mountain but it was too late now. The tortoise already reached the finished point and therefore the hare got defeated by the tortoise

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