Clever Fish - Small Bedtime English Stories For Kids



There was a poor fisherman lived in a small village. He earns his livelihood by catching fishes from the river and selling them in the market. But the money he gets by selling fishes was not enough. He was living in a very poor condition. Even the net he used for catching fishes were almost torn but he had not enough money to buy a new one.

One day, a fisherman was fishing in the river as usual. He threw his net into the river and he was waiting there to catch the fish so that he could sell a lot of fish get some good money from the market.

After sometimes, fisherman heard some hustle and bustle in the net and thought he must have got a lot of fish in the net. as the net was torn so when he took the net out of water many of the fishes manage to flew from the net but a little tiny fish does not get out of the net and was caught by the fisherman. The fisherman graved hold of that fish  but then suddenly, the fish start to take to him.

The little fish said to the fisherman: Oh fisherman, please leave me! Otherwise, I would die out of water. But the fisherman gave attention to the fish request. Now the fish started to think something to save her life from the fisherman and after thinking for a movement the fish said to the fisherman: O fisherman, I can tell you something of your profit. The fisherman stopped and start listening to the fish. The fish said: "If you leave me back in the water I'll tell all my friends about you and I'll bring them to the bank of the river so that you can easily catch and sell them in the market. Next time you come, you have a lot of fish.

The fisherman thought to himself, Wow, this is not bad at all. He wondered what to let go of. Today is a small fish, tomorrow I will have many fish because it is a small fish
which brings me to all her friends.

Believing the words of the tiny little fish, fisherman, let go. The little fish was really happy. She happily ran into the river and never returned. The next day, the poor fisherman hoped there would be so many fish but he found not even a single fish. On the other hand small fish her being intelligence and for that reason she wisely saved his life from a fisherman.

Moral Of The Story
You have to be very very clever to save your life from such challenging movements.

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