The Honest Woodcutter - Small Bedtime English Stories For kids


The Honest Woodcutter - Small  Bedtime English Stories For kids
There were two woodcutters named Dina and Soma lived in a small village. They were neighbors. Deena, the first woodcutter was a very energetic and honest one while Soma the other woodcutter was a lazy and mean person. Both earn their livelihood by cutting woods in the nearby forest.

One day as usual Dina woke up in the morning and get ready to go to his work. Some saw Dina and thought about how boring is Dina, who starts his work so early in the morning. I will start my work a bit later.

Soma was leading a miserable life as he was not ready to work hard. Deena went to the forest and looked out for the woods, but he did not find woods so he decided to go to the riverside where he would get wood. He walked towards the river where he found a big tree. He became very happy that today he will get a good amount of wood. He climbed up the tree and started to chop the wood. As he was chopping, his axe slipped from his hand and fell into the river. He did not know how to swim and therefore he started crying and saying Oh..No... what I have done. I lost my only property which earned money for me. Without that, what will I do? Oh God, please help me and started crying and praying to God.

God listened to his prayer and appeared in front of him and asked why is he crying? He said: "Mother, I dropped my axe in the river." I had only one axe and this was the only equipment to earn my livelihood. God said: "Don't worry my son I'll get you the axe and took a beautiful golden axe from the river. God asked Dina: "Is this your axe?" But Dina said without any hesitation that this is not mine. God again took another axe from the river. It was made of silver and asked: "Is this your axe?" Deena again replied, "No mother it's not mine." God now took his iron axe from the river and asked: "Is this yours?" Dina saw carefully and happily said that this is his axe.

God pleased very much with his honesty give him all the three axes as a reward of his honesty. He happily went to his home with the three axes. When he crossed Soma's house, Soma saw the axes and was stunned. He thought that Dina has gone with a single iron axe, but returned with a golden and silver ax. Something has happened and therefore he decided to follow him.

Soma without the knowledge of Dina followed him. When Dina reached home, he called his wife and showed him the axes. His wife also got surprised to see the golden and silver axes. Dina explained everything that how his fall into the river and how God appeared and given him all the three axes. Soma was also listening to everything quietly.

Dina woke up the next morning and get ready to go to his work. Soma silently followed him to find out where Dina chops wood in the forest. Dina reached the tree near the river and started his work. Soma also reached there and started waiting for Dina to leave the place.

As soon as Dina left the place, Soma Immediately went to the river and deliberately dropped axe into the river. He also started crying to get back his axe. God appeared and asked why is he crying? Soma replied that his axe falls into the river and he wanted to get back his axe. God understands that he is playing with her and therefore decided to teach him a lesson.

God took out his iron axe first and asked is this his axe? Now Soma started thinking that Dina told his wife that God showed him the golden axe first, but now she's showing me my iron ax. He decided not to accept his original axe and refused to take it. God, then took out a silver axe and showed it to him and asked, "Is this his axe?" Soma again said: " not this one. Now God took out the golden axe and asked, "Is this his axe?" Soma said: "Yes yes yes this one is mine.

God was furious now. How dare you tell lies to me? You should be punished for telling lies. Saying this God disappeared with the axe. Some started crying and apologizing for his mistake, but all his shouting went useless. He returned home without the axe which was his only property. But he had learned his lesson.

Lesson - Honesty is the bes policy.

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