Magical Shoes - Short English Stories For Kids


There was a girl named Chutki who lived in a small town. She was very intelligent but she was physically disabled. She always dreamt of dancing and running, but when she wakes up and found that she can't do anything which she was dreaming she felt bad and became very sad.

Chutki always obeys her parents' commands like eating green vegetables, completes her homework on time, watering plants and therefore she was their beloved. Her parents always want to keep her happy and hence they used to take her beach or park. But Chutki used to be sad because she had no friends! 

One day, Chutki was sitting in her classroom. Her attention was drawn from playing kids in the ground. She dreamt that she is also playing with the kids without any support. Just then the teacher's voice was heard and she wrote a sports day. on the blackboard and said: Kids, tomorrow there is a sports day in school and everyone should participate. Everyone is overjoyed to hear this then suddenly a boy starts teasing Chutki that she can't participate in any sports because she can't even walk without support.

School ends and sad Chutki goes near the school ground. There was nobody around. Saddened Chutki Began to cry! After some time she hears some chirping noise. She began looking here and there but she could not find any bird. Suddenly she thought that the noise is coming from under the table. She peeped down to see and found that a little pigeon was trapped under the bench. Chutki helps the little pigeon. She gently lifts him and puts him on the bench. She also gives him some water to drink. The little pigeon drinks the water and flies to his nest, which was just above the bench. Seeing the little pigeon, mother pigeon was very joyous!

Mother pigeon comes to Chutki and thanked her. She said to Chutki that you helped me and baby very much and therefore I want to gift you something. After saying this, the mother pigeon goes inside her nest and brings golden shoes from there. Chutki looks at the golden shoes and says. But what will I do of these shoes? I am handicapped! The mother pigeon says these are not ordinary shoes, these are magical shoes. After wearing this, you can walk, run and do whatever you want.

As soon as Chutki wear those shoes she really could walk. She was very happy. Chutki returned to home walking! Her mom, dad got surprised to see their beloved daughter walking on her legs for the first time!  They couldn't hold their tears. Chutki said: Mummy, Daddy I can walk! Her father asked how this happened? Chutki said that this all has happened because of these magical shoes and then she explained everything that has happened with her.

Next day, Chutki went to take part in sports day. Everyone was shocked to see Chutki walking. Chutki participated in the race and won the race due to magical shoes. This all has happened because of the magical shoes given by mother began to Chutki. It was the most precious gift of Chutki's life.

After this, Chutki never stopped, she ran, jumped, danced without any support. Now she had many friends. She usually used to visit the pigeons and every time she comes she thanks to pigeons for the gift because this gift has fully changed her life. 

Lesson - One who helps others always finds help

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