The Magic Bell - English Stories For Kids


The Magic Bell - English Stories For Kids

Once upon a time, a poor boy named Pooh lived in a small village with his mother and a younger brother. They lived in a small hut which stood right in the center of the village. To earn a livelihood for his family he used to graze cattle with some of his friends near the mountains and in the evening returned them to their respective owners.

Every day while the cattle went for grazing he loved to sit under a tree and play melodious tunes on his wooden flute. His friends ask why does he always play your flute at this very spot? He replies I don't know I love this tree and I feel like this tree is alive and listens to my music and he was right the tree did listen to his music. The music had touched the trees' spirit. It would listen to the tune intently every day.

One day as poor was slumbering on one of the branches of the tree. There was a terrible noise beneath him. He exclaimed! what's was that! Was it earthquake? But a woodcutter was cutting the same tree where Pooh boy was sleeping. He soon understood what was going on and quickly climbs downward. He asked the woodcutter why was he cutting this tree. The woodcutter replied that his master would like to use it for his boat. This tree is very strong and it would be perfect for making boats. The boy requested the woodcutter not to cut the tree but the woodcutter did not listen to him and continued his work.

Now the boy soon has to do something to save the tree or it will be too late. So he used his cleverness and try scare the woodcutter away. He said well, you can't say I didn't warn you it's bound to happen I suppose. The woodcutter exclaimed, what's that supposed to mean? Don't you know a spirit of an old witch lives in this tree she's been staying here for years! If you cut this tree down she'll latch herself onto you of course. the woodcutter asked why she will latch onto me. Pooh replied it's obvious since you're the one cutting down this tree.

The woodcutter said: Are you trying to fool me I'm smarter than you think, boy. I'm not going to fall for this story. Go away now! Pooh was desperate to save this tree. As soon as the woodcutter got busy Pooh climbed up and went straight to the top. He hid in the dense leaves and began to scream AH! AH! Ha! HA! How dare you touch my home! If you destroy my home I will come to live with you! And I will never leave you, human! The woodcutter thought that the boy was right! 

The woodcutter began to run as fast as he could. Pooh started laughing at the woodcutter. Just as Pooh was laughing at the woodcutter, the tree came to life! Pooh! Pooh!

Pooh was shocked to hear someone talking to him. He asked, "Are you the spirit of an old witch?" The tree replied No Pooh I am not an old witch spirit. I mean I am old but I am the spirit of this tree. Your music brought me to life. You're a cunning boy, Pooh, and I am grateful to you you saved me from the

Suddenly a nice golden bell appeared in front of Pooh which was floating in mid-air. The tree asked him to accept this as a thank-you gift. It was not just an ordinary bell. This is a magical bell. Every time you ring it the plate will magically be filled with delicious food to eat.

Pooh became very happy and said that this will really help him and his family. The tree replied, "Yes it will! but remember Pooh you can only ring this bell once in a day". He thanked the tree and ran to tell his mother and brother in the village about the bell. He shared the incident with them they were very happy to see the magic bell. They wished for their favorite foods, rang the bell and ate to their heart's content.

Afterward, they went to bed with their tummies full after a long and delicious meal. The next morning as usual Pooh took the cattle out to graze on the pasture leaving the bell at home. When he came back in the evening tired and hungry he found all the pots empty. There was no food left for him to eat. Pooh was saddened and just ate the leftovers that he found in a cupboard. Still being hungry after his meager meal, he went to bed. He couldn't sleep due to his tummy growling of hunger so he decided to take the magic belt with him.

The next day when his mother and younger brother were hungry,  they looked for the bell. They searched the entire hut from top to bottom but couldn't find the magic bell which made them very sad. They thought that they had lost the bell. They had neither the bell nor food. They went to bed on empty stomachs. When Pooh returned home in the evening he took out the magic bell from his satchel. He ordered his most favorite food. His mother and younger brother were very sad to see this. His younger brother started crying and he said, "brother!" we're so hungry and we kept looking for the bell. You've become so selfish. How could you? Hearing this, Pooh realized his mistake and he regretted his decision but he also shared with his honest thoughts and said yesterday, you asked the bell to give you food but you forgot to save some for me. when I was tired and went to bed hungry and it hurt my feelings so I was sad and angry. 

His brother and mother also realized their mistakes. They ate their meal together as a family that night and from that day onwards they never slept with empty stomachs and lived happily ever after.

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