The Magic Porridge Pot English Stories For Kids



Once upon a time, there was a sweet little girl named Melody she lived with her mother in a small cottage. They were very very poor but melody tried to make her mother happy by singing songs to her every day. Melody used to go into the woods to find something to eat. She used to bring back whatever she could find but their bellies were never full. 

One day saddened with their poverty Malady left the house and went into the woods looking for something to eat. No matter how hard she searched. There was nothing to be found. Finally, Melody could bear it no more. She sat and then started to cry. While crying she sang a sad song. Hearing her voice a forest fairy appeared and said what happened to my child why are you crying and what are you doing alone in the woods. I am here to find something to eat for me and my mother. We are very poor and very hungry said Melody with grief on her face. 

Don't worry the fairy said and with her magical wand, she changed a pebble into a big magical pot. Melody was amazed to see the magic. Take this pot home and your family shall never be hungry again.
I don't want to be rude but what good is an empty pot if there's no food in it to cook. Melody said in a disheartening voice to which the fairy answered this is a magical pot when you want something to eat say "COOK POT COOK!" and when it's ready say "STOP POT STOP!" Melody was delighted with the gift she got from the fairy and with due respect she asked the fairy oh dear fairy godmother I don't have enough words to thank you please tell me what I can do for you in return. I don't want anything in return but if you want, you can sing me a beautiful song every day. Before melody could ask any more
questions the forest fairy disappeared. 

When Melody arrived home with nothing but an empty pot her mother was very unhappy and said, what use is the pot if you have nothing to cook in it? Melody lifted the pot to the table and simply said "COOK POT COOK!" Nothing happened Melody looked worried but then the pot started to shake and hissed the steam rose and bubbled the creamiest porridge they had ever seen. Melody's mother understood that the pot is magical. She was so hungry that she could not resist a creamy porridge with her finger. She was overwhelmed with the taste of the
porridge so much that she did not pay attention to Melodie's other command "STOP POT STOP". They ate and ate until the pot was empty and their stomachs were full. 

Melody's mother rubbed her stomach happily. Melody then thought oh it's time for me to go and sing a song for the forest fairy so she left the house and went into the woods again. Here at home, her mother was so happy thought that they would never have to worry about the food again she collected all the old pots in which she used to cook and threw them away bye-bye to make space for the new one. She polished and patted the new pot. All this hard work made her hungry again. COOK POT COOK! she commanded and presto! from inside the pot more delicious porridge bubbled up not even bothering to get the bowl she ate directly from the pot. HMMMMMM...DELICIOUSSSSSS...! but as quickly as she ate the pot that kept filling up until it was said to bubble upright over the edge.

Oh, dear! How did Melody make the pot stop? ENOUGH POT ENOUGHHH! But the pot bubbled on. It's plenty though it's plenty!! The porridge steamed over the edge onto the table. Really that! That will dooooo!! The porridge pours over the floor. Melody's mother starts to panic. NO MOREEEE!!! She commanded.

Soon she realized that she had made a great mistake and ran away. The porridge poured out from the doors and windows onto the streets bubbling and forming a great wave and rolled through the village. People gathered upon their rooftops 
and started to call for help.

Melody heard the villagers calling out and distress. She raced down the woods towards the village. She took a wooden plank and a sticker and rowed towards her house. When she reached just outside her house, she shouted STOP POT STOP!  and that is just what the pot did. As the bubbling subsided Melody saw that all the villagers were reaching down and lifting a handful of creamy porridge to their mouth. The whole village enjoyed the porridge. They ate and ate and ate the whole winter long and no one in the village was hungry ever again.

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