Moral Stories In English For Kids

Moral Stories in English For Kids

These are short moral stories in english for kids. These are very good bedtime stories for kids with moral which will learn good values to children. The first moral story for kids is 'The Boastful Hoarse' which teaches us that we should not boast our qualites while second story is 'Old Jackle' which teaches us we should not change our path listenimng others.


(Moral Stories In English For Kids)

Once upon a time in a forest, there was a horse named Jack. Jack used to run very fast, and he was very arrogant about it. He always challenges other animals to compete with him and he defeats them, he makes fun of them. Because of his such behaviour, all the animals don't talk to him except Fenny, the fox.

Jack and Fenny were very good friends. Fenny always tries to explain to Jack that he shouldn't behave so arrogantly, but Jack never listens to her. One day, Alicia the cat called all the animals at her place and said, "It's my birthday tomorrow and I want to do something different this time but I can't think of anything. Can you guys please help me?"

In order to help Alicia, all the animals started giving their suggestions, but Alisa did not like any of their suggestions then Fenny said, these days the weather is very pleasant, you can take all the animals to a picnic. Alica likes the idea of Fenny very much and decided to take all the animals to the picnic.

The next day, everyone assembled outside Alicia's house ready to go to the picnic. Right after them Fenny and Jack also arrived and then Alicia, the cat also came outside and said, all the arrangements for the picnic have been made on the other side across the canal. If we start now, we will easily reach there by evening. To this statement, Jack instantly replied, "Evening, that is so insulting for me". You guys have reached there by crawling I will just run and reach there because "My name is Jack and I run like running on a racetrack".

Everybody felt very bad and started looking at each other. This time, even Fenny was very upset with Jack and she decided to teach him a lesson. She said to Jack, "Fine Jack! You run-up to that spot and wait for us. We will meet you there and Jack ran.

On this, Alicia said to Fenny, "Why did you send him off? You should have asked him to come with us". Fenny said, "No Alicia! Now is the time to teach him a lesson, then Alicia asked, "But how?" To this Fenny thought for a movement and spoke, you all come with me. 

Fenny reaches to the canal with all the other animals. She looked around and found a log from a dead tree. She said to the elephant to bring the log and place it above the canal like a bridge. The elephant did as asked; he lifted the log and place it over the canal, making it a bridge-like structure.

Fenny said, with the help of this bridge we will not have to go around to cross the canal and we will soon reach the picnic spot before Jack. Everyone really likes Fenny trick and then they started crossing the canal one by one. 

When Jack finally reaches the spot huffing and puffing, he was flabbergasted and couldn't believe his eyes when he realized everyone has already reached there. He dumbfoundedly asked them all, I ran so fast, but still all of you reach before me. How?

To this, every laugh together at Jack's condition. After all of them finish laughing, Fenny said, you reach here by sprinting and we by applying our brain, Jack. I did it all to teach you a lesson. See, everyone has some skills which is why we should never boast about ourselves. Jack finally realized his mistake and from that day onwards he never boasted of his skills.

Moral of the Story:

Everyone has some skills and we must never be boastful of our skills. 


(Moral Stories In English For Kids)


This story is of a wolf who once used to be young and nimble but says that time does not sit for anyone, it always keeps on walking. To get rid of his stomach's hunger, sometimes he had to sleep hungry.

The jackal had not eaten for several days, and with a hungry stomach, he was wandering around. One day Jackal is going somewhere, and he comes to know that a dead body of a dog is lying on this road and he thought to go that way to satisfy his stomach's hunger.

As the jackal was going, he hears a frightening sound coming from the same side; the jackal got scared and decided changed his path but then he thought if I would not go through this path then I would die out of hunger so it's better to go and find who is producing this sound.

And the jackal started to go on the same path on which the dead body of the dog was lying. Reaching there, he saw that two branches of the tree were colliding with each other and that sound was coming from them.

Seeing this, the jackal started laughing loudly at himself that he was afraid of the branches of the tree, well I did not change my path and he lost his stomach hunger with the dead body of the dog.

Moral of this story:
If we follow any of our aims, then we hear many sounds who voices who afraid of us and tries to push back but we should not give attention to them and focus on achieving our goal.

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