Naughty Monkey - Panchtantra Moral English Stories For Kids


Naughty Monkey - Panchtantra Moral English Stories For Kids

Once upon a time, there was a monkey who lived in a forest. He used to trouble every animal living in the forest. He was not friends with anyone and always used to wicks all animals for some reason or other. All the other animals were fed up with him.

Whenever any animal got hurt in the forest, the monkey showed compassion towards them first and offered medicinal herbs. His real motive behind this was not to help but have his share of fun out of their suffering. The mixture of medicinal herbs comprised lemon and black paper which, when applied to the wounds, would make the animals cry and pains. The monkey enjoys watching all this.

One day a rabbit hit his foot on the stone and got hurt. The rabbit was crying in pain. At the same time, the monkey was passing by from there. He saw that the rabbit was badly hurt and suddenly thought of having some fun. He went up to the rabbit and asked him how he got hurt? The rabbit replied that he was playing there, and he hit his foot on the stone and got hurt. The monkey shows his compassion on the wound and gave him medicine.

The monkey went away after giving those medicinal herbs to the rabbit. He hides behind the tree to watch the proceedings. The movement the rabbit applied herbs to his foot, he screamed in pain while the monkey enjoyed watching the rabbit crying in pain. He laughs and went away.

Hearing the cries of the rabbit, all other animals went to him and ask why is he screaming? The rabbit narrated the whole incident to all the animals. After listening to the whole incident, all the animals decided to give a lesson to the rascal monkey.

The rabbit got an idea. He took two baskets one bigger than the others. He applied charcoal under the bigger basket, then he took those baskets to the monkey and asked him if he would like to eat mangoes. The monkeys replied that he loves eating mangoes and he shall eat. The rabbit says that they must go to the hill where there is a mango tree that has very sweet mangoes.

After saying this he extended those two baskets in front of monkeys. The rabbit wanted the monkey to take the big basket and the monkey immediately grabbed the bigger basket. Both of them went up the hill and after reaching there both of them filled up their basket. 

As the bigger basket has charcoal applied under it, hence the basket stuck in the ground. But since the monkey did not want to leave the basket full of mangoes, he used all his strength to pick up the basket and because of this; he hurt his hand. 

Seeing this the monkey shows his compassion and gave him the same herbs which the monkey has given him. When the monkey applied the herbs, he shouted in pain. Crying in pain he ran towards the river and dipped his hands in the river but it was still paining. The monkey realized how others must have felt when he used to do the same thing with them and he has learned his lesson whatever you do to others comes back to you.

Moral - We must always try to be good to others.

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