Two Small Moral Bedtime Stories For Kids



Long time ago, a turtle, a crow, a mouse, and a deer lived in a forest. They were very good friends. They play together, eat together and always helped each other in difficult situations.

In the morning, they went in a different direction to look for food. By evening, they used to meet at a fixed spot. Everything was going very well, and they were very happy. One day, the deer didn't return in the evening. Due to this, the other three friends started getting worried. The crow decided that he will go to search for the deer and the other two wait at the same spot so that if the deer will come, then one of them can inform him about it.

The crow took off to search the deer. After wandering for a while, the crow hears the sound of the deer who was trapped in the net. Seeing his friend in the helpless condition, he becomes very sad, but he wanted to save his friend's life at any cost so without wasting time he flew back to the turtle and the rat. He narrated them the whole situation and told to rat to go immediately to the deer at cut the net with his sharp teeth.

They all three reach the spot where the deer was trapped. The rat quickly cuts off the net and makes the deer free. Suddenly, the hunter reaches the spot. The rat saw the hunter first and told his friends to run from there. The crow flew away in the air. The rat runs for the nearest whole;The deer sprinted inside the bushes while the turtle could neither run nor hide. The hunter caught the turtle put him in a sack and took him away.

After some time, the deer, the crow, and the rat gathered at a place. They were very sad about the turtle being captured. They start thinking about how they can save their friend's life, then suddenly crow got an idea. He told his plan to his friends, ran towards the riverside and started waiting for the hunter.

As soon as they see that the hunter was coming to the riverside, according to their plan the deer pretended to be dead, and the crow pretended to gauge out the deer's eyes and the rat was waiting in the bushes for the right movement. The hunter approaches the spot and sees the deer lying dead on the road. The hunter got greedy and went ahead to catch the deer. As soon as the hunter moved away from the sack, the mouse went to the sack and started tapering off it.

The movement the hunter came closer to the deer the crow flew away, the deer got up and ran away. The hunter fails to understand what was happening. By now, the rat had cut the sack and make turtle free. They too immediately rush towards the bushes. The hunter came back disappointed to pick up the sack to find out that the sack was not and the turtle had escaped. The hunter felt distressed. On the other hand, the turtle, the deer, the rat, and the crow reunited with happiness.

Moral  Unity is Strength.


Jamuna was a very hard worker and generous woman. She used to make and sell very delicious ice-creams in Sultanpur. By selling ice-cream, she used to feed her stomach. Children used to like her ice-cream very much.

Every morning she makes ice-cream and goes to the village to sell it. She was so generous that she used to give her ice-cream to the children who did not have enough money. Jamuna’s friend Sikha gets upset after seeing Jamuna’s generosity. She always said that if you sell ice-cream so cheaply, then you will suffer a huge loss. How will you manage your house? Then Jamuna smiles and speaks, I feel satisfied by seeing these children eating my ice-cream.

One day Jamuna found a dog disturbed by the heat of the road. Jamuna even gave him an ice-cream. The dog has now started to live with Jamuna. Whenever Jamuna used to go selling ice cream, the dog also goes with her. Jamuna’s delicious ice-cream gradually got famous all over Sultanpur. Not only children but everyone in the village used to buy ice-cream only from her. The children lovingly called her Jamuna aunty. Due to increasing sales of Jamuna’s ice-cream, Hary an ice-cream seller, got jealous because now everyone started buying ice-cream from Jamuna in place of him. 

Harry wants to increase his sales at any cost, so he found an idea for increasing his sales of ice-cream. He thought if I drop Jamuna’s ice-cream, then she cannot sell the ice-cream and thus my sales will increase. He looks for the right chance to bring her down.

One day when Jamuna was going alone on the road with the dog, Hary started following him. As he came close to Jamuna to push her, the dog had seen him and he jumped on Jitu so he fell. Now the dog tore his clothes. Jitu ran away from there after saving his life with great difficulty and after that, he never tried to trouble Jamuna.


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